Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Welcoming the world to Canada’s national gem

Banff and Lake Louise are among the greatest places on earth for nature lovers and adventurers. They were one of our first clients and we continue to collaborate with their team on regular basis.

The challenge with Banff and Lake Louise is to carefully manage the experience so we don’t kill the golden goose. Overcrowded in peak periods and slow in the shoulder season, we have carefully developed their brand to elevate it beyond competitors and push the season to a full 365 days. Over the years we have helped evolve and refined their brand, and implemented numerous tactics and marketing initiatives that include international brand campaigns, as well as tactical seasonal and event campaigns.

Services provided:
• Brand implementation
• Promotional/seasonal campaign brand development
• Advertising campaigns (local and global)
• Wayfinding and signage
• Print and marketing tactics