Canadian Energy
For us and the world

Pipelines aren’t very popular. But cooking food, driving, flying, staying warm and living in a first world economy are. The Canadians Energy Pipeline Association called on us to help them open eyes in one of the most challenging debates of our times. CEPA’s task is to ensure Canadians know that the energy they count on is delivered in the safest most responsible way.

It started with a simple interactive map, then grew to a close relationship that included a new brand platform, two websites, brand advertising campaigns, internal and external marketing materials, product brands, product marketing material, and the creation of a photo and video library.

Throughout our years working with CEPA we slowly helped move public opinion favorably toward understanding the value of pipelines.

Services provided:
• Brand story and platform
• Brand photo and video library – concept and production
• Marketing strategy
• Content strategy and content development
• Website design and development
• Advertising campaigns (print, digital and video)
• Performance reports
• Infographics and illustrations