Chocolate Lab

You’ll be blissfully addicted

World renowned chocolatier Chocolate Lab crafts some of the most amazingly beautiful chocolates you’ll ever see, pushing the boundaries in flavour and visual presentation. Chocolate Lab came to us to develop their brand in their infancy. As a start-up, the Chocolate Lab didn’t have the luxury to come out guns blazing with a full marketing and brand campaign, so we had to slowly build and evolve it over the course of many years. The key was to start out right, with a powerful strategic foundation that we could build the brand on for years to come.

Initially, our design approach was very minimal. We wanted the art of the chocolates to speak for themselves, and let the design be a supportive role. Over time we have integrated fun geometric shapes and illustrations to support the core business concept of a flavour lab. What makes our relationship so special is they give us complete creative freedom, something that is virtually unheard of in this business. It’s also what makes their branding so effective. They trust the process and are rewarded with amazing work.

Services provided:
• Brand strategy and brand platform
• Logo design
• Packaging design
• Signage and interior store design consultation
• Website consultation and design