MD Distillery

Canada’s finest craft distillery

MD Distillery is the maker of Still ONE. A line of vodka and gin products that are crafted with the highest quality ingredients, most advanced distillation process, and a dedication to producing the purest sipping spirits.

When MD Distillery approached us for their branding, they had nothing but a name and a goal to produce the best vodka in Canada. This meant we had the opportunity to craft the entire brand, from strategy to packaging to in-store design to the website. Their unique technology and advanced distillation process allow them to achieve a supremely high proof rating after just one distillation. We crafted the Still ONE brand as a showcase to this superior process and product through a concept that ties back to their relentless attention to detail and meticulous “medical standards.”

Services provided:
• Brand strategy, brand platform and nomenclature
• Logo design
• Label and painted bottle design
• Packaging design
• Advertising campaigns
• Signage and interior store design consultation
• Website design and development